• Elisa Kristina


Updated: Feb 14, 2019

My interest in writing started when I was about 15 years old after I developed my reading hobby since I was little. I wrote some things but I never finished, it was some kind of cheesy love story that I was too shy to show to anyone. 

Moving to Milan, back in 2014, I was curious about Italian culture and I met some local friends and international. We liked to share about our culture during our coffee talk or aperitivo night, some are similar to Indonesian culture and most of them are very interesting.

Started from 2016, sometimes I rented my room for Airbnb and I met people from around the world. Since I know the city, I recommend them to go to local places with less tourists and they liked my recommendations.

Beside renting my room for Airbnb, I have been working in fashion industry since 2016, from being a menswear designer, illustrator tutor, bag designer to fashion stylist, all of it taught me many different things. But my biggest dream is to have a fashion brand, to be a fashion designer. 

My experience working in some different jobs taught me knowledges that I have never learned at school. While living in Milan gives me a chance to know many different cultures.

Along my journey I have figured out that blogging can be the tool to share my knowledge and experience. Writing a blog is also the way for me to introduce Indonesia to the world and the world to Indonesia, because I have met many people who know Indonesia only because of Bali. 

I wanted to write a blog since a long time but I have never dedicated my time to do it. Every time I considered myself to write a blog, I kept thinking what to bring to the table. I wanted to bring some value on my writings and now I have found it, I’m ready to share my experiences and knowledges to the world.

I hope you will enjoy it as I enjoy writing it for you!

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