• Elisa Kristina


Updated: Feb 13, 2019

To look stylist doesn't mean you have to buy clothes every time the season changes. Trend always comes and goes, sometimes they stay for a couple of seasons and sometimes just stay for one season. One of the best option is to choose wisely before you buy, well it's not easy for us (*girls).

For sure at least we have 1 or 2 clothes

that we never wear and still new.

We bought it because it was cute, nice, discount, and thousand reasons why we really wanted to bring it home. In Indonesia we call it Lapar Mata (translation: hungry eyes). We can't resist not buying the products on display, thanks to the visual merchandiser, they put everything together to create the right ambience.

That's why in retail, a visual merchandiser plays a critical role in the look, feel and culture of a brand.

Let's have a look on our closet!

Too many stuff we have, yet we always wear the same things over and over again. We can actually maximise our wardrobe, and how to do that? The first step is arrange your things based on the type. Here I made a list for you so you can print it out and organise your closet. Then we can start building the ultimate wardrobe so you can mix and match easily.

Those are the pieces I suggest you to invest in your closet and then you're ready to mix and match them for the whole year. Be sure to invest on the quality for some important pieces that you will wear often. 

So, what do you think girls? Do you have them all? I will post soon about how to style those pieces on the list! So, stay tune on my social media or join my mail list on the box below. Cheers! ♡♡

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