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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Shopping! Who doesn't like shopping? Maybe some of you don't, and some really love shopping and spend money like crazy or Indonesians call it kalap, which means doing thing like crazy (ex: eating like crazy, shopping like crazy, ordering food like crazy, etc).

You must have heard about

Making a list before you go to grocery

if you want to shop on budget. Well, my trick for shopping clothes on budget is inspired by it. What I do first before I hit the stores is making a list too. Ok, let me explain!

First thing first is checking what we really need to buy to complete the look of our outfits that stuck in our closet since forever because they don't match with any pieces you have. For example, I have a blue midi skirt and some tops that can compliment it but I have wore it many times, so maybe I need an outer like blazer or just a simple cardigan. So when I will go to shop, I wear it and try to find something that will look good with the skirt.

Second choice is online shopping. I know some of you don't like it because it takes time, but my way is a bit different.

Before I will go to the store, I like to check what they have in their store from their website.

Trust me, it safe your time and energy than going to the store without any idea about what you want and try every pieces that you see.

The best thing about checking online is also we can use filter to find what we want, from the style, colour to the price. I will take a picture or get the code of the products then when I will go to the store and go directly to find those pieces and try it on.

Easy and fast, no more kalap or lapar mata again!

One last thing I really like to do is shopping online on Zalando (if you're in Europe you must heard about it). Why? Because they have so many cool pieces and when you click on an outfit, you can find similar outfits with different price on the bottom of the page.

And not only this feature that makes me love to shop in Zalando, also because they have a feature to try first buy later. I don't need to go out to shop and the return process is super easy.

Just remember not to cut the tags and take care of the products if you're not sure to buy it.

And those are my tips to shop on budget, my friends! Let me know about your thought! I would be happy to discuss with you! ;)

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