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Probably you don't know that I am also a personal stylist here in Milan. What do I do as a personal stylist? The main thing is bringing my client to some boutiques and help them to find outfits that will improve their personal style depending on their budget.

Like a shopping companion or shopping with a friend let's say, but I give them styling tips and tricks on how to look effortlessly. Sounds fun yet? 

Maybe you want to try to shop with a personal stylist when you will visit Milan? Send me email! ;)

Styling a model for a shooting. Milan, September 2018

As a stylist, I have to go often to the stores and boutiques.

There are so many unique boutiques and designer stores here in Milan and in one day it won't be enough to explore all of them.

I had a client who wanted to find a 100% cashmere coat. I got very excited to find some boutiques or stores that possibly has so much options. 

As you know cashmere is very expensive. It becomes really expensive since the demand is higher than the production, highest demand occurs during fall winter because wearing cashmere is warmer than wool and also lightweight. It is made from the hair of cashmere goats, which can only be found in certain areas. The very best lots are obtained from across Northern China and Mongolia. The price can be varied from 40$ all the way up to 5000$.

But what's the difference?

I brought my client to a showroom just in front of Duomo Milano. It's a bit hidden, you won't see the window display from outside but from their window I could see Duomo church. Paolo Moretti Fur has tons of coats made of mink, cashmere, leather, and many more. And the quality, you won't questioning it when you touch their pieces. They produce only high-quality materials and their design are very stylish and elegant. 

We moved to other stores to compare the price and quality but we couldn’t find 100% cashmere because most of the stores we visited had only cashmere wool blend.

Yet we found only 1 piece in a well-known brand, but the quality wasn't the same as we found at the first place we visited before.

This time the material wasn’t very soft. 

I remember one of sales girl told us to check in Loro Piana, a luxury brand which specialised in cashmere and wool. We went there. The quality of their products is uncompromised, they have the highest quality of cashmere and wool as well as excellent tailoring techniques. Their classic and elegant pieces will never go out of style. 

In the end of the trip we stopped in other cashmere specialising store and we found a pretty cashmere scarf with some fur on the neckline.

They also have some cashmere coats but after touching the highest quality cashmere, which has a super soft touch feeling, it was easy to tell the difference.

If you have a budget above 2000€, you can get one in Paolo Moretti Fur. But if you have double of that and want classic style, you should definitely go to Loro Piana.

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