• Elisa Kristina


Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Monochromatic outfit is one of the options to look effortlessly stylish. Combining the same color for the top, bottom and outerwear or the matching the same tone can be fun and challenging. You can wear also the same colour for your coat.

Sadly, in Indonesia we can only wear a blazer to rock our monochromatic look. Because you know, it’s too hot even for a leather jacket unless you go to the mountain like Bromo mountain. But who wears a very stylish outfit to go there anyway? Maybe you can! (*wink) 

Choosing the right colour for your skin and personality would be the best option to start. 

Black isn’t the option because everybody can wear all black and still nail their look without any problem. The real challenge is to put new colour you’ve never tried and rock it like you mean it! My favourite colour and fortunately fits my skin, is purple, like the outfits I wear on these pictures.

Shoes and bag, does it have to be the same colour too? Well, it depends on your preference. You can wear shoes with a different colour of your outfit and match it with your bag.

Or, you can also wear all the way from head to toe!

It would be fun to try both ways. Fashion should be fun as long as you’re confident with yourself. And whatever you wear, you will look effortlessly stylish.

Don’t forget to wear your smile too! :) 

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