• Elisa Kristina


On Friday like this, when I have to get back to my social life, hanging out with friends, I have nothing to wear. Classic statement from almost all of the women in the world, even though they have tons of outfits on their wardrobe. Who can relate? 

After trying some dresses, matching some tops with skirts or pants, in the end I will wear the same outfit all over again. It’s like a circle that can’t be break easily. Strange! 

Well, I kept telling myself not to wear the same clothes over and over again, just because I have some clothes I never worn since the day I brought it home and also my mom used to say people can remember what you wear if you wear it too often. I think she just want me to wear my unworn clothes. Ok Mom! 

Sometimes with a little bit of creativity, you can create a new look. And here we are. Do you remember the skirt I wore with a leather jacket in front of Armani Silos? Yap, that one above! 

I put the skirt up, to make it looks like a dress. My chunky belt which has been my favourite accessory lately,   can safe my waist line. Yes! I wrapped them around my waist line and fixed the pleats of the skirt. And voila! I’m ready to go out! Have an awesome weekend!

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