• Elisa Kristina


Having a period pain is very annoying especially when we have many things to do.

I don't usually have so much pain but when I have it, it hurts a lot and it's hard to get out from the bed.

I tried to find a way to relief the pain from using a plastic bag filled with hot water to a flexible bottle that I found on internet so I can put it on my bag when I sit but the problem with water is always leaking and it's not so practical because when the water is getting cold I need to refill again.

I found on internet about a heating pack with rice that people use for winter and I got an idea, why not using it as a period pain relief pack? I tried to make one and used it, voila! It works perfectly! And my period cramps was relieved after using it.

I want to share it with you if you have a bad cramps every month, and I hope this DIY will be very useful.


☼ Cotton fabric or muslin

☼ Rice

☼ Essential oil

You can download the instruction template below

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