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Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Spring is one of my favourite season. The weather is getting warmer and the sun shines all day long. The trees grow their leaves back and the flowers start to bloom.

It’s the best time to watch things come back alive. 

As you know in Indonesia we have only 2 seasons, monsoon season and dry season. We don’t have the chance to see trees lost all of their leaves and grow back when spring comes. The period when leaves sprout and fulfil the whole tree, amazed me so much when I saw for the first time, because in Indonesia we used to see full grow trees and always green. 

As the season changing from winter to spring, our outfit become less heavy and less layers. But spring doesn’t always warm and sunny in Milan.

Many of us get confused about what to wear in spring because during the day the temperature is quite high and warm then when the sun goes down becomes chill and sometimes a bit windy.

There is even a saying in Italian, “Non c’è più le mezze stagioni”, which means there’s no more spring and autumn. It is because in Italy the temperature changes quickly and no more 3 months of spring or autumn. 

I was always very happy when spring or autumn came because it is the best time to wear layers and I invested many outer wear for these seasons. But now it gets too hot when I wear layers. Is it because I get used to the cold season? Mmm, who knows?

Well, to anticipate this unpredictable climate changes, the best solution is checking the temperature before you go out and put an outerwear. 

One of my favourite outerwear is leather jacket. I wear it quite a lot here. When I went back to Indonesia, I didn’t wear it at all and it was stuck on my wardrobe for a long time. Wearing leather jacket is not very common in Indonesia because of the temperature is not so friendly with it. Well, if you don’t mind of getting too hot, you will look stand out when you wear it for a night out! 

Leather jacket is one of the best option when the temperature is not too cold. I don’t suggest you to put it on when the wind blows cold air unless you have a thick lining made from wool, shearling or quilted. If you have a leather jacket with cotton lining, you need to wear layers beneath to keep you warm. 

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What about a cardigan? I love how cardigan can bring a ‘I just threw these’ vibe. From knitted to faux fur cardigan, both materials give a different texture on your look. I’m wearing a faux fur cardigan, paired with suede tank top and jersey mini skirt. Three different texture on one look, why not? And they are all in the same colour tone, purple. (Read about How to Rock Monochromatic Outfit here)

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Blazer has became a long lasting trend since it became the biggest trend in Fall 2017. I rarely wear blazer because it makes me look wider, at least that’s what I thought. But I will give it a try, here you can see I’m wearing an oversized blazer which I can wear it as a dress or a normal blazer. 

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Above all, I always keep myself warm to prevent me from catching a cold, you know Indonesians can catch a cold easily. And we even have a name for it, masuk angin (catching a cold, but in Indonesian literally means enter wind. LOL. Read more about what is masuk angin here).  


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