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Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day!! 

Love is in the air! Love stories are always worthy to be heard no matter how silly or strange the story is, it is something that our children and grandchildren would love to hear when we are old. A story about how two souls met and become one against all odds and despite all the obstacles, they make other people believe in love again. 

I wrote you 4 love stories from 4 couples all over the world. They are beautiful and sweet, and you need to hear it because who knows maybe tomorrow your love story will begin without you realise it. 

Let's hear their stories! 

Patricia and her soon-to-be husband met in my farewell party back in 2014. So happy for both of them! Happy Wedding Patty & Agus!

So guys, are you ready to read the second story?

Not everybody has the same guts like Socrate, people nowadays are too afraid to lose themselves, to love somebody and to get hurt. Love hurts, but what if it would be the best thing that could happen in your life?

Sometimes in life, you make a big decision like Larissa, and you get the ripest fruit of your life.

Young love, they said. When we were young, love has different meaning. If this kind of young love can survive, love will be forever theirs. Just like Denisa's love story. One of a kind!

Relationship is hard, it takes two to make it works. And only love is not enough. Because feelings can fade, the butterflies on your stomach can die and your life can be upside down.

But from these couples, we can learn that when we love somebody (in both ways), we will survive from any obstacles that could happen to our relationship. It takes two to clap your hands. And it takes a commitment to make it last.

If you're single, don't worry. Enjoy your single days now, and love will find you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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