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Updated: Mar 28, 2019

When I lived in my parent's house, we had maids that helped us to clean and organise our house, but mostly my mom is the boss who decides where to put things. However my mom was always telling me to clean my own desk because I was always complaining about how can't I find my stuff after someone else cleaned it. After so much complaining I started to clean my room by myself.

That wasn't the beginning of how I learned to stay organised, that was the beginning of how I organise my room. It's easier to clean and manage things but to keep it tidy, well you tell me. I'm not that kind of person who's very organised, until now my desk is always full of things that I always use. But the rest are always on the right place. Better!

When I moved to Milan, I was so surprised seeing most of Italian's house are super tidy and spotless, although some of them are completely the opposite. Until one day I asked one of them how can they keep the house tidy and clean (it was a house where 3 boys lived). And he said that everyone always cleans everything after using it, and I said what if you're lazy and his answer surprised me.

He said, "you only need 2-5 minutes of your life to do it".

It's true, and I always remember those words 'only 2 minutes'. Some other tips I got from internet and from what I have learned along the way to be an organised person. Here I share it with you.

1. 2 minutes habit


When you apply 2 minutes habit to everything, for example folding the clothes that you decide not to wear, or to wipe put back your make ups on its places. When you do it continuously to everything, your stuff won't clutter anymore.

2. Box of everything

Buy a box or basket, anything that can storage your stuff. Now rattan basket is very popular as a decoration, it's not only pretty but also functional. Every time you're in hurry or too lazy to put things back, just throw them to this box/basket. Before you go to sleep, take them and put them back to their places. Do this method every night so you won't have too much things on the basket.

3. Labeling the organisers 

Start to collect some organisers or boxes, for example you can buy this from ikea. But it doesn't have to be new, you can make DIY from recycled cardboards, check this link, I collect some DIY project on Pinterest. Don't forget to sort things out and put a label on your box, you will find your stuff easier.

4. Put away things you don’t need

I heard about minimalism lifestyle lately and many people have tried it. Honestly I can't apply this lifestyle in to my life. Why? Because I am a creative person, I like making DIY and any other creative things, I can't live without all of my creative tools. But from this lifestyle I learned that we should let go of our attachment to things around us so we won't keep too much useless things in our house. Well, we can sort out things we never use or things we don't need anymore and we can give it to someone else or throw it away.

5. Big clean up every weekend 

This last step will be easier if you do all those 4 steps everyday because your house will be less messy and all you need to do is just cleaning, no more organising things. Every Saturday morning I will wake up early and clean my house so on Sunday I can wake up late, enjoy the whole day and ready to start Monday with a clean and tidy house.

So what do you think? Would you try my tips and see how these things can make so much difference? Let me know!

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